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Data Quality & Monitoring

Learn how to manage and improve your data quality with Blindata Data Quality & Observability module that helps you assess, validate, and monitor your data across your organization.



Data quality is a key aspect of data governance that ensures that your organization’s data meets your needs and expectations. It means that your data is accurate, complete, consistent, and timely for your purposes. Data quality affects the quality of your decisions, customer relationships, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Blindata is a software that helps you manage and improve your data quality across your organization. With Blindata, you can quickly assess the health of your data, validate and enhance it, prevent bad data from entering your systems, and continuously monitor data quality with minimal effort.



Data quality is not a one-time project, but a continuous process that requires collaboration and alignment among different stakeholders. Some of the common needs and challenges that data quality addresses are:

Different lines of business using the same data may have different standards and expectations for data quality. Blindata helps you establish and communicate data quality standards that can be followed across all business units.

Poor data quality can lead to inaccurate reports, missed opportunities, wasted resources, and customer dissatisfaction. Blindata helps you prevent bad data from entering your systems by applying data quality checks and validations at any point of the lifecycle.

Data quality is essential for meeting compliance and regulatory requirements that demand accurate, complete, consistent, and timely data. Blindata helps you ensure data quality throughout the data lifecycle by applying data quality rules consistently across different sources and systems. It also helps you track and report data quality metrics and trends to demonstrate compliance.

Data quality is a shared responsibility that requires coordination and cooperation among different roles and functions. Blindata helps you enable collaborative data quality and issue management by providing a user-friendly interface that allows business users, analysts, and IT professionals to work together on defining, monitoring, and improving data quality.

How To

To get started with Blindata, you need to follow these steps:


Define data quality dimensions to observe and their Key Quality Indicators.


Measure your data quality metrics through fully customizable SQL probes.


Analyze and get notified of potential errors or warnings.


Publish your data quality indicators across your organization.