Data Lineage

Technical & Semantical Lineage

Blindata offers support for both technical and semantical data lineage, enabling organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their data, including how it is processed, transformed, and used within their business processes.



Gain full visibility into your data ecosystem with Blindata’s data lineage capabilities. The tool provides both technical and semantic data lineage to give you a holistic understanding of where your data comes from and how it is used.

Technical Data Lineage

  • Visualize your data flows with an interactive lineage graph.
  • Easily see upstream and downstream data transformations and drill down into any step with a single click.
  • Use Blindata SQL Lineage module to extract data lineage directly from your SQL queries, scripts, and pipelines to map all technical dependencies in your data architecture.

Semantical Data Lineage

  • Onboard your data catalog and business glossary into Blindata. Then the Blindata Classification Module will automatically connect related data elements using custom classification rules.
  • See how database tables and columns, analytical metrics, and business terms are interlinked to capture data flows at the semantic layer. The semantic lineage provides context around technical metadata to illuminate how data is used for business purposes.


Visualize your data flows with an interactive lineage graph. See upstream and downstream data transformations and drill down into any step with a single click. Its visual representation allows users to easily identify potential issues, troubleshoot problems, and make informed decisions about their data assets.

Blindata’s Impact Analysis module provides a concise way for users to navigate complex data flows, enabling them to quickly identify downstream dependencies and potential consequences of changes to data sources or transformations. This feature facilitates informed decision-making and risk mitigation, and results can be exported in CSV format for easy sharing and collaboration among stakeholders.

Blindata’s automatic data lineage extraction is a key part of its technical data lineage features, allowing users to generate lineage information from their SQL scripts automatically. This feature provides a real-time and accurate view of data lineage, facilitating efficient and accurate data governance.

Blindata’s data classification rules are a powerful tool that assists with semantical data lineage management. By automatically connecting elements of the data catalog and business glossary, they provide context around technical metadata.

How to

Enable SQL Lineage

The SQL Lineage module’s parser collects schema metadata and SQL statements to construct the SQL syntax tree, providing a visual representation of the precise data flows and transformations present in the statements.

Business Glossary to Data Catalog

Connect the business glossary to the data catalog either manually or automatically by using the Data Classification module. It samples data and tries to attribute semantic meaning to individual elements using a set of user-defined rules.