Metadata Connectors & Blindata Agent

Blindata's Connectors allow you to integrate your information systems as well as develop custom solutions. Blindata Agent allows you to keep your infrastructure secure without the need of opening network holes just for the purpose of metadata crawling. Keep the data where they are, we need just metadata!



Blindata Agent and it’s connectors enable you to extract, ingest, and manage metadata from various data sources, such as databases, data warehouses, data lakes, BI tools, ERP systems, CRM systems, and more. Moreover it orchestrates data classification and data quality checks without move your data away from your infrastructure.

Keep the data where they are, we need just metadata!


Easy Integration

Automate the metadata extraction and ingestion process and reduce manual efforts and errors


Enrich or filter the metadata you extract with additional attributes, descriptions, tags, classifications

No Magic

There is no black-box magic in our metadata connectors. Know what and how is extracted and customize the procedures at your own will.

Light & Secure

Blindata is a Saas service that do not require access to data. Blindata agent tries it’s best to keep data movements at minimum to lower cloud networking expense and minimize privacy related risks.

How To

Install Blindata Agent manually or from a cloud provider marketplace and start gathering metadata! Explore the API and other Activation features to develop your custom solutions, or simply just ask!

Blindata Agent Architecture