Actions & Hooks

Actions and Hooks allow you to customize and integrate Blindata with your data platform and information systems. You can use Actions to add custom functions to the Blindata user interface, and use Hooks to register events that notify your infrastructure of any changes on the platform. With Actions and Hooks, you can automate data processes and solutions, and activate your metadata!



Actions and Hooks help you customize and integrate Blindata to your data systems. Actions create custom functions on the UI, while Hooks can notify your infrastructure about any changes that occur in Blindata. You can use them to automate data solutions and activate metadata!

  • Actions allow you to add custom functionality to Blindata user interface to develop data processes or to enrich existing information. You can use Actions to trigger an HTTP request to an external system in your infrastructure.

  • Hooks allow you to get notified of every change on the platform and propagate these changes in your infrastructure. You can use Hooks to register an HTTP endpoint that will receive events from Blindata.


Develop Custom Processes

Develop your own data processes, automate them and reduce manual efforts and errors.

Enrich Blindata Features

Enhance the capabilities of Blindata according to your needs and your technology stack.

Propagate Metadata

Propagate changes of metadata in your infrastructure to align other systems, start workflows or to perform additional verifications.

Get Notified

Intercept change events and get alerted. Decide what to do and behave accordingly.

How To

Think of ways to automate data processes and solutions to make your data work more efficient: from data collaboration features, to compliance checks and data ops.

Define Actions to trigger your data processes directly from the Blindata user interface. Or use Actions to enrich the capabilities of Blindata at your own will.

Register Web Hooks to propagate changes of metadata in your infrastructure as well as align other systems.