GDPR & Privacy

Privacy Notice Registry

Blindata Privacy Notices Registry allows to define, archive and distribute privacy notices in an organized and controlled manner.


In coordination with the Record of Processing Activities module, Blindata allows you to archive and maintain the repository of versioned and multi-language privacy notices’ texts. The different touch points can thus find a single verified endpoint for the distribution of texts and the collection of consents.


Edit, manage and archive privacy notices texts and metadata with multilingual support and version control enabled.


The APIs provided by Blindata allow the distribution of privacy notices across different touchpoints.


Thanks to the centralized repository it is possible to know which versions of the privacy notices are distributed in the different touchpoints.

Save time

Carry out the maintenance of the texts without the intervention of technicians or external suppliers.

Consent Portal

Easily develop your consent portal through which the end user can exercise his right to view the consents given and possibly revoke them.

A comprehensive solution for maintaining privacy notices that is easy to use, saves time and resources, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.


  • Easy compliance with privacy regulations: By using Blindata, organizations can easily maintain up-to-date privacy notices on their website, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations in different countries.
  • Saves time and resources: Blindata requires no technical intervention to publish a new privacy notice, saving organizations time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manually updating privacy notices.
  • Version control: Blindata provides version control, which allows organizations to keep track of changes made to their privacy notices over time. This is important for auditing and ensuring that the latest version is displayed on all touchpoints.
  • Multilingual support: Blindata supports multilingual privacy notices, allowing organizations to tailor their privacy notices to specific language preferences of their website visitors.
  • Governance of privacy notices: Blindata helps organizations keep different versions of privacy notices on different touchpoints in order, providing a governance framework for their privacy notices. This helps organizations stay organized and keep their privacy notices consistent across all touchpoints.