Data Products Catalog

Blindata's Data Products Catalog is a powerful tool designed to help businesses manage their data products more efficiently and effectively. Our data products catalog makes it easy to collaborate, discover, and understand your data products, all in one centralized location.



A data product catalog serves as a foundational tool supporting both the creation and utilization of data products. Its primary aim is to promote the development of reusable pure data products, thereby preventing the proliferation of isolated analytical applications. By centralizing data products information, organizations can streamline data discovery, encourage collaboration, and ensure data quality and consistency across different teams and projects. Moreover, a well-organized catalog facilitates regulatory compliance and enhances data governance practices by providing transparency into data lineage, usage, and ownership.


Blindata brings together all the information needed to efficiently manage, discover, and utilize data products within an organization.


Discover and explore data products within your organization. Facilitate reuse and composition of already existing assets.


Navigate through relationships and dependencies between different data products.


Define roles on data products, domains and data assets, and assign responsibilities to individuals or teams within the organization.

Computational Policies

Automate compliance checks and other governance processes.

Documentation and extensible model

Enrich data products with custom fields and markdown-based documentation.

How to

Data products can be organized in domains by categorizing them based on their subject matter or functionality. Establishing clear domain boundaries facilitates efficient data discovery and usage and enables a solid management of roles and responsibilities. Blindata offers a dedicated section to manage domains, allowing to catalog, document, assign responsibilities and track dependencies with other domains.

Document and catalog your data product ports, facilitating discovery and utilization by other teams and individuals. Data assets can be associated within the port to ensure a comprehensive understanding and effective utilization of data resources.

Exploring dependencies becomes straightforward with the high-level lineage chart showcasing connections between data products. This chart can be extended to reveal dependencies at the port level. For a deeper dive, the Blindata Lineage module offers an in-depth analysis, leveraging automatic lineage generation from SQL statements.

Monitoring key quality indicators on data product ports enables the assurance of reliability and trustworthiness of the data product itself, while also aiding compliance with established data contracts.