It's Your Data

In Blindata all data that you see are your data. Export and import your data with one click or exploit open API to integrate your other services with Blindata and avoid any possible lock-in.


Your data belongs to you, not to us. You have full control over your data and how it is used. You can access, modify, delete, import and export your data at any time, without any lock-in or restrictions. You can import data from various sources and formats into our platform, or export your data to different destinations.

Quick Onboarding

Upload massively with an excel to speed up your onboarding and kickstart your data governance with more data sources in a simple way.

Collect your data

Collect data massively with your favourite tools to streamline your data governance and leverage your existing data sources.

Custom solutions

Use custom solutions through APIs to tailor your data governance and integrate with your existing systems and workflows.

Massive operations

Perform simple massive analysis and changes through csv to optimize your data governance and handle large amounts of data with ease


You can easily export your data in a CSV file format, which is compatible with most platforms and applications.

If you have some data that you want to use you can easily import your data from any spreadsheet file format, such as XLSX, ODS, or CSV. This will allow you to access your data on any platform and share it with other users.

If you wish to connect blindata with your preferred platforms and services, you can achieve that with our open API approach, which allows you to integrate blindata with any other system. This way, you can exchange data, automate workflows, and enhance your productivity.