Issue Management

With Blindata Issue Management, you can easily coordinate tasks and activities across your data governance team. Whether you need to create workflows, assign roles, track progress, or resolve data quality issues, Blindata Issue Management has you covered. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with other Blindata modules for a complete data governance solution.



Blindata Issue Management helps you keep track of your data problems and alerts. You can easily create and customize issues for different types of data challenges, assign them to yourself or your team members, and link them to the data sources. You can also set up an Issue Policy to automatically create issues when something goes wrong with your data.


Issue Management module includes features to define, monitor, assign and organize your issues. Issue Management module is perfectly integrated through all the other Blindata’s module, users can create issues in every resource contained in Business Glossary and Data Catalog. The integration with Data Quality module allows you to support your remediation activities.

In Blindata issues can be organized into Campaigns. Each campaign constitutes a set of issues that can be grouped together based on common factors.

Campaigns also offers a simple chart where users can see the number of issues created and completed over time this allows users to easily understand the completion of progress of the associated issues.

An issue policy is a powerful feature that lets you automate your data issue management. You can define the conditions that trigger an issue, such as data quality rules, thresholds, or events. You can also specify the details of the issue, such as the type, priority, owner, and resource.

With an issue policy, you can save time and effort by letting Blindata create and assign issues for you whenever your data needs attention.

Whenever you or your team members do something with an issue, Blindata lets everyone know right away. You can always stay in the workflow and collaborate effectively with your data issue management.

Blindata makes your work easy and efficient. You can see all your assigned issues in one page, with all the relevant information and actions. You can also filter and prioritize your issues according to your needs.

How to

Get Notified

You can receive instant notifications when an issue is created, updated, changed, or canceled. You can also customize your notification settings and choose how and when you want to be notified.


You can access all the information and tools you need to troubleshoot your data issues, such as data quality rules, data sources, data lineage, and documentation.


You can take action on your data issues with a few clicks, such as fixing, removing, combining, or verifying your data. You can also monitor the progress and outcome of your data issues and see how your data quality improves over time.


Blindata helps you keep an eye on your data issues and their impact on your data quality. You can view and analyze your data issues using various filters, charts, and reports. You can also see how your data issues affect your data quality indicators, such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness.